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Free rock with every purchase

Not every day you see a TeeVee commercial for a gun store. Heh.

6 Responses to “Free rock with every purchase”

  1. Lyle Says:

    I thought it was an anti-gun sarcasm message out of the UK, but apparently there is such a store – some accounts have it in SLC, others Valley City, and one other has it in Kerns, UT. I guess they’re all parts of greater SLC.

    I assume the rock is a Wild West historical reference?

    There have been several ads on the Spokane, WA TV stations over the years for a gun store and range in Spokane. “Come in and see how much fun a gun can be…” (Showing a guy emptying a hi-cap pistol at a mock-up car as he advances on it)
    Good stuff.

  2. countertop Says:

    There is a gun shop/range here in the DC area that has been a long time sponsor of Redskins games. No TV ads, but they do run them on the radio broadcasts (which are pretty much as highly watched as the TV broadcast).

  3. Darrell Says:

    Specialty Sports here in Colo Springs advertises on TV, not as spicy as that, though!

  4. rpm Says:

    What the hell. Gun ads can’t be hilariously surreal without looking criminally insane or anti-gun in this enlightened 21st century?

  5. Tam Says:

    “Not every day you see a TeeVee commercial for a gun store.”

    Unless you like watching COPS here in K-town. 😀

    You should see the gag ad (which, unfortunately, we didn’t use.) The tagline was “Coal Creek Armory: Let us help you seriously f___ up somebody’s day.” 😉

  6. Hammer of Truth » Libertarian Ideology Ruins Horror Genre Says:

    […] This actual pro-gun commercial from Totally Awesome Guns & Range in Utah is sure to be an instant viral classic as it portrays how short a horror film would last if the token ditzy blonde was armed to the teeth in the first scene (via SayUncle). […]

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