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Where do I get one of those


Also recovered were six inert grenades, a military knife with a swastika on the handle and the phrase “Blut und Ehre”–German for “blood and honor”–on the blade and an AR-15 rifle (this sentence as published has been corrected in this text). Police allege the man was trying to convert the semi-automatic machine gun to fully automatic, a violation of federal law.

Err, if it’s a machine gun, it is capable of fully automatic fire. If it’s semi-automatic, it is not. Looks to me like they corrected the wrong sentence.

More proof that the VPC, Brady Campaign, and Million Mom March propaganda is working, at least on the press.

One Response to “Where do I get one of those”

  1. Lyle Says:

    The press has been with it all along – at least since the 1960s. Is the press/Brady et al faction convincing anyone else these days? The plummeting ratings of the “big three” may be an indicator. Unprincipled nonsense can’t last forever. Either it destroys itself from within or it’s destroyed by reasoned scrutiny from outside.

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