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Richmond Gun Show ATF Hearings

Over at the arfcom Virginias board, they’re posting some of the statements made at the hearings.

One Response to “Richmond Gun Show ATF Hearings”

  1. countertop Says:

    Had hoped to get up for the hearing in person, but couldn’t find the time.

    I haven’t made up my mind yet. Th ebehaviour I read and heard about certainly is deplorable, however, as I posted my one experience at a Richmond Gun Show last month was less than stellar. Call me an elitist/rascist/whatever, but my general feeling as a father attending the gun show with his son was that I wanted to get out of there ASAP and was thankful for the police presence I saw. Between the black/latino/asian gang bangers (you can easily distinguish them from normal blacks, latinos and asians) and the whole nazi/aryan crowd (who are as easy to distinguish from regular whites as the gang bangers) I wasn’t very impressed with the show.

    If things historically have been worse, and it would frighten me if they were, then perhaps some of the presence was justified (which is different than intimidating people and checking with neighbors, etc).