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Guns in Bars

An unsigned piece in the Tennessean comes out against the bill to allow concealed weapons holders to pack in places that serve alcohol:

A proposal to allow guns to be carried in bars and restaurants was a bad idea last year and a bad idea this year.

Gun advocates are reportedly reloading and aiming for approval this year of a state bill that would allow gun permit holders to take their guns into establishments that serve alcohol. Lawmakers should reject such a dangerous idea.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press reported recently that advocates for gun rights are prepared to seek approval of the bill in the General Assembly. The bill passed the Senate last year but was hung up in a subcommittee in the House and the subject of intense debate. Opponents of the proposal argue correctly that alcohol and firearms simply don’t mix. Law enforcement officials, including Metro Police Chief Ronal Serpas who testified before lawmakers, have opposed the bill.

And by hung up in a subcommittee in the House and the subject of intense debate they’re referring to the time when speaker Naifeh broke the rules of the house in order to further his personal agenda of killing this bill. Regarding the point that alcohol and firearms simply don’t mix, I concur. That happens to be why the bill specifically states that those carrying weapons cannot legally drink. Weapons are already in bars, may as well put some lawful ones there. And it’s not just bars. Pizza Hut serves beer and so do other family restaurants.

9 Responses to “Guns in Bars”

  1. Rustmeister Says:

    When I took my CCW class, I was told the ban was in places where alcohol was the primary source of revenue (bars). Other places, like restaurants, were ok to carry in. Was my instructor wrong?

    Also, on the subject. I agree booze and guns don’t mix, but I don’t agree with zero tolerance. If .08 is good enough to operate a car, it’s good enough to carry legally.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Was my instructor wrong?

    Yes. Any where served for on-site consumption means no packing.

  3. Justin Says:

    Did they change it so that you could walk into a gas station concealed? (pay for gas etc…) Also, can you buy a 6 pack of beer while concealed? (assuming you will be going home etc…to consume?)

  4. SayUncle Says:

    Justin, only where served (not sold) is off limits.

  5. tgirsch Says:

    I’d think if pro-gun types wanted to seem reasonable on this, they would push for a compromise bill that ended the ban for restaurants that happen to serve alcohol, but continued it for bars.

  6. Void Where Prohibited Says:

    SayUncle ? Guns in Bars

    Link: SayUncle ? Guns in Bars. Why is it that every time someone mentions legal carry in establishments that serve alcohol someone says ‘guns and alcohol don’t mix’?? For crying out loud people!! This isn’t a law to allow drinking

  7. Billll Says:

    By the same logic, we should not permit anyone lisenced to drive into a place where alcohol is served if they are carrying the keys to a car.
    Perhaps, in addition to the “designated driver” groups should also have a “designated shooter”.

  8. JB Says:

    Logic never seems to be involved in these bans of “weapons” from places selling alcohol. While waiting to be seated in a Red Robin in Seattle, I read a posted sign. It was notification of the ban on guns, knives etc. in places that sold alcohol. The very extensive list included forks. Forks banned in a restaurant? Fortunately, the restaurant provided a fork to use with my meal. I didn’t confirm if the law only covered carrying your own fork or if I was breaking it by using the fork provided.

  9. Idahoser Says:

    Every time it comes up I’m willing to tell you again, that you’re doing it wrong.

    Writing the law prohibiting a Constitutional Right was wrong– this gives back a little recognition of that right.

    Jimmy Naifeh needs to have his term limited next election.