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More on the ATF in the hot seat

Not a good year for the ATF. An agent testified in court that the NFRTR (registry of NFA weapons) was deficient; they are currently experiencing significant budget troubles, attributable to bad management; now, they’re about to be investigated for breaking the law at Richmond, VA gun shows:

On February 15, at 4:00 p.m., the U.S. House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security will hold an oversight hearing to investigate apparent wrongdoing by BATFE at a Richmond, VA gun show last August.

In 2004-05, a troubling pattern emerged at a number of Richmond, VA-area gun shows, where hundreds of BATFE agents and state and local police staked out local shows. Immediately upon learning of these incidents, NRA began investigating and working to ensure congressional oversight hearings would be held to determine any wrongdoing and ensure BATFE was not overstepping its bounds or violating the law.

BATFE agents copied lawful gun purchase transaction records and provided this information to local police officers, who in turn conducted “residency checks.” Federal law prohibits the release of this information except to state and local police to identify prohibited purchasers or recipients of guns.

I covered their alleged wrongdoing at gun shows several times before.

8 Responses to “More on the ATF in the hot seat”

  1. countertop Says:

    Howard Coble should give ’em hell. Can’t live blog it, but I’ve already got to be in Rayburn that afternoon, so I will probably sit in for the hearing.

    You can watch it here. They will probably post a witness list and written testimony there on Monday or so.

  2. Lyle Says:

    So, the required federal background check isn’t enough? “Residency checks” huh? Sure they’re not race checks? Did you ever cover the “Good O’ Boy Roundups”? It’s been quite a while since they were in the news. Maybe it’s time for a refresher on that whole deal.

    I suggest the President give every one them a truly handsome retirement / severance package (enough that they will all jump at the opportunity) send them all home, dissolve that branch of Treasury, and say good riddance to a failed, embarrasing experiment in FDR era social engineering.

  3. robert Says:

    They are above the Constitution and the law. You are wasting your time. Their funding will be increased.

    Jesus. These guys, (with FBI help), burned a CHURCH with the people INSIDE, kids included and got away free and clear. Do you think this piddling stuff bothers them for a moment?

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