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More on road rage

Chaos in Motion has more on the bullshit study that tries to conclude that we gun toters are more prone to road rage.

3 Responses to “More on road rage”

  1. ben Says:

    please send me a copy too, at carnaby_fudge AT hotmail d0t com


  2. Fugger Nutter Says:

    I drive around real slow.. with my left turn signal on the whole time… in my old truck… with my dog…. folks yell at me and get all upset so I smile and wave at them. I don’t get road rage – I prolly cause it though 😉

  3. wrangler5 Says:

    I’ve read on John Lott’s site (I think it was) that the “researchers” have refused to release the data behind their report, so others can review how they reached their conclusions. This alone is a strong indicator that the “study” was rigged and misrepresented.