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Kelo Compromise

The mayor has proposed one:

Under a plan presented to the City Council Monday night, four people whose homes were seized for a private development would be allowed to stay. The city would own their properties and the residents would have to pay the city to live there.

Doesn’t this sort of prove that the home owners and the development can, in fact, each get what they want? And, of course, the home owners already pay the city to live there through property taxes. Looks to me like they know they did wrong and are trying to make up for it while saving a bit of face and still exerting unnecessary power.

Let the homeowners stay. And let them keep their homes.

6 Responses to “Kelo Compromise”

  1. kris Says:

    so does that mean the government can pre-purchase for future potential? and if the city is going to let them stay anyway, why bother buying the property in the first place? wouldn’t the city accrue more usable income in tax collection as opposed to costs involved in management of rental income?

  2. _Jon Says:


  3. tgirsch Says:

    I think it’s less that they knew they did “wrong,” and more that they knew what they were doing pissed a lot of people off and made them look bad.

  4. yeah yeah sure sure Says:

    About this whole Kelo BS

    If your home is not the place to make a stand where is? I mean really. I am not a nut and I really believe in the government, but my home? You want to take it? Good luck. Last year some folks were up in arms about free speech on blogs and the internet …

  5. Kevin Baker Says:

    I don’t agree. If the city owns their properties, what keeps them from evicting at some later date? They’re renters.

    Nope. Either your home is your castle, or it’s not.

    Given the reality of property taxes, we all know it’s not, but the illusion used to be comforting.

  6. Manny Amaral Says:

    Its insane that this is happening in America !!
    Its marxism and nothibg else.
    I may loose my business and my property that I have owned for 26 years for the same thing.

    For the last 8 years I have had a cloud over my head and now the night mare is coming fast.
    Its so unamerican its crazy.

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