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Nebraska CCW and other stuff

In the debate over concealed carry in Nebraska, a journo asks an odd question:

According to the FBI, there were 1,095 arrests for weapons violations in Nebraska in 2004.

How does that compare with states of similar size?

Very high. The average number of such arrests among 11 states of similar size was 532 nearly half the Nebraska tally. Only Utah, with 1,171, had more.

I cant put my finger on why we are higher, unless other states are just more lenient, said Michael Behm, executive director of the Nebraska Crime Commission.

Probably because, uhm, other states have CCW laws and most violations for weapons involve carrying when you’re not supposed to? Just a guess. There’s also this bit:

The groups that oppose handgun proliferation are not spending money in Nebraska.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has not reported sending money to Nebraska candidates with the Accountability and Disclosure Commission. State senators who consistently oppose the conceal-carry bill say they dont get money from national anti-gun proliferation groups.

The groups once had a lobbyist in Nebraska. Paul OHara was hired by Handgun Control for about $5,000 a year in the 90s. They were a hand-to-mouth operation, he says.

Later, the Brady campaign hired his lobbying firm to fight the conceal-carry bills, he said. But this year no lobbyist represents that point of view.

Couple things: 1) it looks like the Bradies have given up on Nebraska. And 2) expect proliferation to be the new anti-gun buzzword from now on with all the yammering at the UN. Mark it.

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  1. Standard Mischief Says:

    Technorati has a tool that seems to be perfect for graphing buzz words in blogs. Try this

    Seems to be an upwards trend.