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Got the newly repaired Walther P-22 to the range today and put about 250 rounds through it. Worked great. Kudos to Smith and Wesson for servicing it!

4 Responses to “Cool”

  1. bjbarron Says:

    Fortunately I haven’t had much problem with mine…except that my daughter always wants to shoot it.

    I did have a problem with the aluminum frame getting gouged by the steel ‘ears’ on the internal trigger mechanism. I followed some clear instructions from one of the gun forums, rounded the ears at the correct spot, and it hasn’t gotten any worse since.

    Fun gun, but the sight channel seems too wide.

  2. T3rrible Says:

    So we have given up on punishing S&W for the Clinton give in? Or has something changed that I missed?

    I like my airfweight J frame but have held off on spending any more with them.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    I think they’ve changed management since then.

  4. Xrlq Says:

    Management, and ownership also – and then they formally repudiated the deal. Punishing S&W today makes about as much sense as bombing Tokyo and Berlin today over the nasty things they did during World War II.