Dean: republican operative?

Bob Krumm thinks so. He notes:

By a margin of about two-to-one, Republicans have disproportionately benefitted from Abramoff’s illegal largesse. That alone was enough to keep the scandal’s focus on Republicans. Not any more. Now, Dean has spotlighted the fact that Congessional Democrats are just as bad.

In my opinion, Dean has admitted that either the Republicans can be excused for their behavior because they received the money the same way the Democrats did. Or that the Democrats should go down too. Dean was trying to use a very deceitful tactic to deny allegations that lobbying money came to the Dems via Abramoff. By the way, here’s detail of money Abramoff funneled to politicos.

7 Responses to “Dean: republican operative?”

  1. Rick DeMent says:

    I’m all for all of them going down, wouldn’t it be cool to have a vote as to whether or not to keep the current congress? I mean an up or down vote on the whole thing, Senate and House. What fun! and if the vote is “throw the bums out”, they are barred from ever holding public office again.

  2. tgirsch says:

    Except for the “never eligible again” thing, Canada essentially just did that with their “no confidence” vote. Except that the parliament did that to itself!

  3. Ron W says:

    It’s hard to do much about Congress or any other offices when we keep shuffling the chairs around between the same Democrats and Republicans. The greatest scandal it seems to me is that members of both parties largely disregard the Constitution and particularly the Bill of Rights AS IT AND THEY ARE READ BY THE RULES OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR.

    “How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!”
    –Samuel Adams

    And I keep hearing some politicians on the Judiciary Committee talk about the importance of precedents. If so, then here is a good precedent to which ALL the branches of government should obey; ALL of which take an oath to the Constitution:

    “The particular phraseology of the Constitution of the United States confirms
    and strengthens the principle, supposed to be essential to all written
    constitutions, that a law repugnant to the Constitution is void; and that courts, as
    well as other departments are bound by that instrument.”–John Marshall:
    Opinion as Chief Justice in Marbury vs. Madison, 5 US (2 Cranch) 137, 174, 176

  4. I’ve always thought Dean was either on the Republican payroll or in the thrall of Secret Rovian Mind Waves.

    Who else could think up an election-year strategy of Retreat from Iraq, Impeach President Bush, and by the way, We’re Going to Ban Your Guns?

    Underneath that Royal Blue exterior, Dean is a Red as they get.

  5. Mr Bob says:

    Thats better than Sunday when he acted surprised that there were Democrats too. I guess he thought that made him look stupid. He is a Republican operative, evertime he opens his mouth the right wing gets a gift.
    and for that we say thanks Howie

  6. Let ALL corrupt elected batards burn.

    Last I knew, Dean the Asshat had proclaimed that NO democrat had recieved funds.


  7. T3rrible says:

    By my count that is about 5-0 red. Dean-o must have the worst handlers in the game or he just does not listen to them. None of these guys have a thought on thier own. Everything they say has been vetted and polled. This, unfortunately applies almost equally to both parties. I wish I could believe otherwise.

    I went on record with any of my family and friends who would listen that even with both houses and the executive, nothing at all would change.

    Look for me in the back of the room, I will be the guy waiting to say I told you so.
    – Wedding Crashers