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Continuing the non-story

The AP:

The White House said Friday its Web tracking technology is consistent with federal rules because it only counts the number of visitors anonymously and doesn’t record personal information.

The White House’s site uses what’s known as a Web bug — a tiny graphic image that’s virtually invisible — to anonymously keep track of the number and time of visits. The bug is sent by a server maintained by an outside contractor, WebTrends Inc., and lets the traffic-analysis company know that another person has visited a specific page on the site.

Web bugs themselves are not prohibited. However, under a directive from the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, they are largely banned at government sites when linked to cookies, which are data files that let a site track Web visitors.

In other news, the White House checks out Technorati and may install a Sitemeter.

One Response to “Continuing the non-story”

  1. don meaker Says:

    oooh, how scary! a counter! gosh, do you think the heavens will fall?

    Ann Althouse is right. the press is so ignorant and disfunctional that the debate over what technology is permitted, and which is not permitted can not occur, at least can not be reported in the press. some blogs, say LGF, can contribute.

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