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Anonymous Blogging Round Up

Howard Bashman on the subject:

In conclusion, to return to the question presented in the title of this post, I doubt whether anonymous blogging is possible. It surely isn’t possible if the blogger conducts email correspondence with others and fails to mask his or her internet protocol address.

Juan Non Volokh on anonymous blogging:

Howard is absolutely correct that truly anonymous blgging (sic) is exceedingly difficult to do, particularly if someone is determined to find out who you are and you respond to e-mails and blog on matters that relate to your professional or personal interests.

Daniel J. Solove tells you how to blog anonymously.

Half Sigma has a variety of thoughts, including:

Does anyone really care enough to put effort into figuring out who you are? Having a blog that no one reads (99% of blogs) is a great source of anonymity.

To the naysayers out there, I do not use a free service. I’ve been blogging for over three years anonymously. A lot of bloggers know who I am because I tell them. Several people at local media outlets know who I am because I’ve met them. Several of my friends know about the blog too, even though I initially never told any of them. When on travel, I try to meet other bloggers and when some travel to my neck of the woods, I meet them. My reasons for being anonymous are listed here.

Besides, SayUncle is more a pseudonym. A character, if you will. For example, I don’t really write like this when I’m preparing a professional document and I tend to be a bit more, uhm, sesquipedalian (see, that’s a word I’d use for business). On the blog, I write like I speak. I know, surprising to learn that I don’t drop F-Bombs and yammer about guns or porn in professional documents. I’m also a bit more to the point on the blog.

Plus, if you knew who I was, you wouldn’t care. I’m nobody, really.

2 Responses to “Anonymous Blogging Round Up”

  1. cube Says:

    Another thing I don’t know if people are aware of is that you can send emails into blogger and blogger will publish them.

    If you could route you emails (or blog posts) through several different free non traceable accounts, you are going to be much harder to find.

  2. cube Says:

    other info