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Dogs and Kids

Yesterday, in reference to an old pic I posted of Politically Incorrect Dog, Tom asked:

Dude, you donít have a newer picture than that?

Turns out, I don’t have many. I was perusing through our picture files for dog pics and lately we’ve not taken many. However, we have no less than 11,000 pics of the baby. When it comes to pictures, it seems new baby trumps dog.

But here’s one:

Notice the Christmas tree in the background? Yesterday’s pic in the sombrero was actually taken this week. This one, a year ago.

2 Responses to “Dogs and Kids”

  1. Drake Says:

    Good looking pooch

  2. SayUncle » Bias against dogs Says:

    […] The American Bulldog is what Politically Incorrect Dog is and they are often called pit bulls by those not in the know. He’s a standard American Bulldog. The Johnson is another type of American Bulldog. So, maybe the press did it right. And Border Collie? That surprises me. […]