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Uncle Builds an AK: Part 3

If you’re new to the AK Series, here’s part one, on general how to. And here’s part 2 on legal and compliance info. When we last left off, I was in the process of sanding and sawing off the forward pistol grip. I stripped the varnish, cut off the forward grip and sanded it down. I am sad to report the wood underneath all that varnish is hideously ugly. See:

So, what to do? Paint it of course. I went to Lowe’s and mulled my paint choices. I decided on flat black, since I love those evil black rifles that give Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein fits. Then, I saw it. From Rustoleum, the new American Accents Stone Collection. Cool, I can not only paint it flat black but I can texture the furniture. I gave it my best Mr. Burns Excellent and snatched some up. Here’s the first coat (more coats required):

One Response to “Uncle Builds an AK: Part 3”

  1. The Comedian Says:

    Looks like you made it out of payphone housing castings.

    I wonder if this qualifies as an evil “finger print resistant” coating? 😉

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