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Ultimak WASR Range Report

I finally managed to get the new and improved WASR-10 out to the range. Here’s the post on some of the mods I made with before and after photos. But, for you folks too lazy to click, my AK set up is Romanian WASR-10, which you can learn everything about it by clicking here. Seriously, the guy’s page is full of general info and how-to info that proved invaluable to me when doing my modifications. The modifications I’ve made have been to add this folding stock by Tapco; the Ultimak scout rail and mount to allow co-witnessing the iron sights of the AK with the red dot scope (see previous posts here and here); and a Tacpoint red dot sight (everything you ever wanted to know about the Tacpoint – good and bad – is here).

Here’s the WASR in it’s afterglow.

The magazine feeding problems I had mentioned before were nonexistent. On the advice of Robert, I used a Dremel to shave off part of the rear of the magazine well and the mag release. No problems at all. This also fixed the jamming issues. Not a single malfunction in about 150 rounds. So, how’d it shoot:

The target on the left was me sighting it in at 25 yards. Two in the same hole was good enough for me. The target on the right is a ten round group at 50 yards as fast as I can fire and seriously aim. Never got it out to 100 yards because the range was pretty full (odd for a Tuesday). It’s about what I expected from an AK and what I expected from Wolf ammo. This is not a minute of angle rig, more like minute of goblin.

And what does the WASR look like compared to Mr. Blasty:

They get along OK but Mr. Blasty is still my favorite.

6 Responses to “Ultimak WASR Range Report”

  1. Mark Says:

    Looks like it worked out pretty well. I may have to see about an Ultimak down the road.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    I highly recommend them.

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