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More on Wrenn

The long and short is that Wrenn’s Maxims are semi-automatic (i.e., not machine guns). The ATF is trying to convince a judge and prosecution team that the upper receivers (which per past ATF rulings aren’t even firearms) are machine guns. Wrenn’s trial begins Monday. Eric Larson has a lot of detail on the case over at Subguns:

Some years back, after receiving a dozen or so of the aforementioned “ATF Letter Ruling” documents, and noticing their seriously contradictory statements, I decided to memoralize them by putting them into the permanent Hearing Records of the House Subcommittee on Treasury, Postal Service, and General Government Appropriations. I won’t fatigue any of you by repeating what they stated; you can see the whole obscene mess of them in the “Resources” section of that lists my Congressional statements and testimonies.

It is less well known that after carefully studying these letters, written by 3 different people (all of them top ATF executives, including the then-ATF Director John W. Magaw), logic forced me to an inevitable conclusion. Namely, either the people who wrote those letters were professionally incompetent, or they were deliberately misrepresenting the law.

The ATF has changed the rules on a whim apparently and is prosecuting based on that. For more on what spawned this, see here and here.

Eric Concludes with:

Finally, I think all of you who have taken the time to read this far must be at least as amused, horrified, concerned and tired of “ATF Letter Ruling” documents being misused by ATF to express your concerns to your Congressional representatives.

I know, it sounds lame, “express your concerns to your Congressional representatives.” But I tell you what—think about the scattered posts on Subguns by the growing number of folks who HAVE taken the time to involve their Congressional delegation in a valid complaint about and against ATF, and the number of posts that have touted how quickly positive results were achieved.

ATF is not immune to political pressure. It is evident from the variety of activism about NFA and/or NFRTR issues that has emerged in 2005, as noted at the beginning of this post, that people are much less afraid of ATF than in the past; have realized that ATF cannot stop legitimate activism through established political channels of representation; and that, indeed, the Congress can be and does get aroused, and when aroused, can and will do something. YOU can make that something—er, those somethings, there’s lots on the plate(s) here, including stuff I’ve not mentioned—happen much quicker if you will only take the time to participate in the political process necessary to make it happen.

Contact your congress critter. It is seriously time to reign in the ATF.

5 Responses to “More on Wrenn”

  1. countertop Says:

    Changing the rules on a whim and then prosecuting.

    Hmm, sounds like exactly what EPA did under Clinton when it decided New Source Review – the backwater of the Clean Air Act – was all of a sudden the most important enforcement mechanism in the act and meant something it hadn’t for the previous twenty years.

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  3. Heartless Libertarian Says:

    Reign them in? We need to get rid of that abomination completely. Break it up into peices and put the peices into agencies that make sense.

    Collecting taxes on booze and smokes? Treasury department

    Investigating arsons and bombs? FBI

    Granting licenses to conduct interstate commerce in firearms? Commerce Dept.

    Since simply making guns is not interstate commerce, and thus is beyond Uncle Stalin’s power to regulate, that part just needs to go away.

  4. in LoUiSiAna » More on Wrenn Says:

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  5. Tinkerty Tonk Says:

    RINO sightings

    Get out your binoculars and focus: The RINOs have been sighted.

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