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Gun Victory In Illinois

The Senate has overridden the Governor’s veto of a bill that would standardize firearm transportation in the state. Now, to the house.

2 Responses to “Gun Victory In Illinois”

  1. Standard Mischief Says:

    best quote from linked article

    “We need to retain the ability of local communities to make their own choices,” said Sen. Jeff Schoenberg, D-Evanston.

    Yea, Jeff. But you will still support taxing the crap out of everyone at the state level so you can afford all that pork. Otherwise your own power as a legislator would be diluted. Gotta bring home the bacon for your voters, right?

  2. SayUncle » Illinois Follow Up Says:

    […] Looks like the Illinois house did not override Blagojevich’s veto of some pro-gun laws. The senate did earlier. Bummer. […]

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