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Congress Confirms Lack of ATF Testing Standards

Given the ATF’s tendency to label things machine guns that aren’t really machine guns, Congress looked into the issue, reports JPFO. Here’s the actual report.

Heads did not roll and I doubt anyone expected them to. But this does represent a first step in reigning in the ATF’s tendency to lack consistency in interpreting the law. Rep. Phil Gingrey has proposed the Fairness in Firearms Testing Act, which requires all firearm testing to be recorded on video and prohibits editing said video.

JPFO advises:

1) READ the CRS report.

2) SHARE IT. Circulate the link to it on email lists. Post the link on your blog. Let the world know. Think of two dozen — or a hundred — friends who need to see the report and share it with them.

3) ASK QUESTIONS. “How can I get more gun-rights groups involved in this?” “When is Congress going to curb the ATF?” “What can I do about it?” “What should ALL gun owners do about it?” “What can defense lawyers do with this report?” “Do I know any lawyers or abused gun owners who should get a copy of this?”

4) BUILD FORCES to demand that this report be acted upon and not ignored.

Via Subguns.

3 Responses to “Congress Confirms Lack of ATF Testing Standards”

  1. TriggerFinger Says:

    What are we paying them for, anyway?

    Suppose you were going to fund a federal agency to the tune of $852 million
    (2004). Suppose you were going to empower that agency to conduct
    testing and enforcement operations in pursuit of both tax revenue and
    criminal convictions of those caught …

  2. FreedomSight Says:

    […] Say Uncle points to the CRS Report on the BATFE, hosted at JPFO. Previously: Len Savage reports. (Via TriggerFinger) […]

  3. Tinkerty Tonk Says:

    RINO sightings

    Get out your binoculars and focus: The RINOs have been sighted.

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