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Quick picks for the Knoxville City Council Election

The quick picks and why:

District 1
Joe Hultquist

No viable opposition and Joe has done a good job.

District 2
Kenneth Knight

The history of the Market Square Project and the sale of the Candy Factory have shown that Barbara Pelot is a champion of building and approving anything. She is so pro-development that it is clear no critical thinking is occurring. A very nice lady who is popular out West but she is a rubber stamp at a time when we need City Council members that will ask questions and consider the outcome before they automatically vote Yes. Her performance on the Market Square Project is more than enough reason to give someone else a chance. Kenneth Knight did this city a solid when he and others stood up and forced the proposed Convention Center Hotel to a voter referendum.

District 3
Steve Hall

This is a little more difficult only because of the Stacey Campfield and Lumpy Lambert static that interferes with a pretty basic choice. Do you want Steve Hall or Ellen Adcock/Victor Ashe? Steve Hall has done a good job and is not a rubber stamp. He is gruff and occasionally hangs out with Lloyd Daugherty on 1180 AM talk radio. His provision to require a supermajority for all eminent domain votes is good for Knoxville. This has brought Steve great opposition and is a key reason why we still need him on City Council. Parks are great until they come for your house to build the next park on. He voted against the sale of the Candy Factory and is popular in his district. Hall showed more leadership than any of the members of City Council on the Red Light issue that council approved against the wishes of the residents. This will be a close race.

On Sunday on the Gene Patterson TTW program Gene asked Ellen, “The argument goes that Ellen Adcock gets on city Council she’s going to take her orders from Poland. You will be calling Victor Ashe every time there is a major issue. Is that true?”

Ellen Adcock replied, “Gene, you know me and I was actually in the administration and I think I know when there is times to follow through on things, I’ll take his advice because he is a knowledgeable person, there are people here in this town now that value his knowledge but I certainly not taking orders from Poland I know how to hit a delete button.”

Translated into English it is an Ellen Adcock/Victor Ashe ticket. Remember the Convention Center and vote accordingly.

District 4
Rob Frost

This is easy. Vote for Rob Frost or for the Kim Litton/Knoxville Home Builders Association. Rob has done a good job and has shown he is an independent thinker. He voted against the sale of the Candy Factory. He is critical to a meaningful vote on eminent domain. After the recent Supreme Court decision we need a solid eminent domain ordinance in Knoxville. Victor might come back. Seriously.

District 6
Mark Brown

No viable opposition and no reason to change.

11 Responses to “Quick picks for the Knoxville City Council Election”

  1. power5483 Says:

    Are you sure you have done your homework on Joe Hultquist and his more than viable opposition Julia Tucker?

  2. CL Says:

    You forgot to mention Steve’s opposition to the red light cameras. He’s the only council member that I know for sure will be voting against them. Steve’s suppose to be on Lloyd’s show this morning.

    Ken Knight showed up on Lloyd’s show Monday afternoon when they did it live and I was really impressed with him. He said that Pelot had made a comment at a forum about needing to find a way to get around the vote against the convention center hotel.

  3. #9 Says:

    Are you sure you have done your homework on Joe Hultquist and his more than viable opposition Julia Tucker?

    What issue does Julia bring to the table? Her performance on Gene’s show was lukewarm and she has no presence in the paper or letters to the editor. Do you like her?

    You forgot to mention Steve’s opposition to the red light cameras.

    Good point. That is an important issue that City Council handled poorly.

  4. SayUncle Says:

    But Litton has ‘strong moral values’ or so here radio ads keep telling me.

  5. Justin Says:

    Thanks for the info!

  6. persimmon Says:

    If elected to City Council, Kim Litton will restore honor and dignity to County Commission.

  7. power5483 Says:

    Julia Tucker had a full page ad in the Knoxville Sentinel on Monday. She outlined her background and her platform. She also outlined why not to vote for Hultquist. One of the things that bothers me about Hultquist, which she mentioned in her ad, is that he lives in a nice historic neighborhood but has been in the process of an addition for twenty years and it is unsightly, he is not a good role model. Apparently it is not just an unsightly, extended home addition but he runs a business out of his home that extends to the outside of his home and is unsightly and disrespectful to his neighbors and neighborhood.

  8. # 9 Says:

    If elected to City Council, Kim Litton will restore honor and dignity to County Commission.

    That is what her radio ad says. I heard it today and laughed coffee through my nose. It hurt but I was still laughing.

    The close races will be Pelot and Hall. I wonder if the next scandal for Bush will be the headline, “Polish Ambassador running Knoxville by email”. There is probably a joke in there somewhere. Lloyd Daughtery said last week Victor might come back and run for Mayor again. Ah, good times…

  9. CL Says:

    There’s an article on Julia Tucker in this week’s Metro Pulse. It’s already on their website at

    I’m not impressed at all with Litton. Somebody told me that she wasn’t the brightest light in the harbor and gave a couple of examples. I thought she couldn’t be that bad. Then I heard her on Lloyd’s show and thought, well, maybe he’s right. What more proof do you need than that line in her ad!

  10. CL Says:

    I think Litton’s campaign manager is a 20-year-old UT student named Andy Sigmon. Rumor is that he’s the next Tyler Harber.

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