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SayUncle Interviews David Anderson

SayUncle interviewed David Anderson, the owner of Sunshyne Video – a local adult video store. David’s business has been under attack by local authorities and I’ve covered this issue many times before. On to the questions (and some of the links are not safe for work):

Let’s get the free plug out of the way, tell me about your business, where you’re located, business hours, and contact info.

Ok great! I love free plugs. Just helps to brand Sunshyne Video even further as household name. Sunshyne Video is located in Maryville at 3531 HWY 411 South and can be reached at 865-983-9705 or 865-982-6662. We are open 6 days a week and the main hours are 9 Am to 11 PM. Closed Sundays and holidays.

How is business? Are most of your sales at your retail shop or via the website (I’ve noticed you have quite a few different web pages)?

Our business is like every other business except we cater to adults only and like other business we too also have our ups and downs. Business throughout this summer has been pretty good. Of course business did decline after the hurricanes but we seem to be coming back very strong. I really don’t separate sales between the entities as they are really just one big business. As for quite a few web pages, yes, we have quite a few. Well over the mark most people would ever dream of and the amount grows each and every day.

Your business has made the news frequently (and I covered it quite a bit) due to various attempts to put you out of business by law. Can you give a summary and tell me the latest status? And has this increased or decreased your sales? Is any publicity good publicity?

We never set out to become a news item. By a sad state of Virtue we have become infamous of the Bad People or even “Pornographic Outlaws” so to say. Its funny that you say put “us” out of business by law. What is really sad is that we have always tried to obey the law but when the law is changed frequently by those in positions of authority acting under the color or the law doing things for a minority rather then the majority it makes it a tough go. Sadly we are still involved in a court battle with the Adult Establishment Board and we are scheduled to go back to court sometime in November. As for a summary of everything that has happened I suggest people take time to read a calendar of events that has happened to us over time. It can be read in complete detail on the web here.

What’s really funny about the above timeline of events that within 24 hours after it was faxed to my contacts at the state capital we were issued our permit to operate our business. As far as where we are going in our legal battle it is hard to say. But you can rest assured that there will be a lawsuit coming down the line and everyone of the people that violated the law in their attempt to manipulate the law to put us out of business will be named as a defendant. These folks should know that I am very thorough in everything I do. But that’s where we stand at this time.

Perusing your blog (for journalistic purposes, of course *wink wink*), I noticed that there has been an adult film made about your plight to stay in business. Can you tell us about that? Also, your story has been picked up fairly prominently in the ‘business,’ care to expand?

There was short film produced about some of the events that have happened to Sunshyne Video. This film was made to show people the other side of the coin so to say. We have been involved in the “business” as you call it since 1993. Because so many people know our reputation for being a straight shooter and being honest with our customers the story of our legal battle was picked by several different news sources and agencies in an effort to help raise awareness that its so easy for the basic person to lose their rights.

And I saw on your blog you had a cameo scene in the movie. Were you in a ‘performing role’?

Was I in the movie? Yes! As for performing my role was strictly one of speaking fully dressed. I don’t believe anyone that watched porn is ready to see me do anything more.

When the local media covered your story, how do you feel their coverage was? Fair? Did they seem sympathetic, apathetic, or in league with the local authorities?

Now that is kinda funny. I have done interviews with TV news reporters from WATE, VolunteerTV, and a couple others as well as numerous newspapers. I have to say that almost everyone I spoke with were just doing their job. And The Job being to report! I get calls from media outlets at least a few times a month because they are interested in keeping up with what is going on. However this is the 1st interview I have agreed to in sometime. Some of the reports in the media were tilted against me and I understand that. How could they really report how Blount County Officials broke the law against a porn store? I did receive information that one media source has received letters and phone calls because they did allow me to have my say. The Daily Times newspaper did report the fact while the TV stations skirted the broken laws by Blount County Powers that be.

Most interviews I have done with any media outlet have almost always started out where the reporter comes to me misinformed about the products I sell. Usually the interviews go much longer then expected because I try to explain to them that while everything I sell can usually bought in almost any other store I am the bad guy because I have it all in one place. Most reporters as well as most folks are used to seeing dirty seedy type of stores and this is because of what television has taught them. Yes that is called stereotyping! That in itself is wrong and prejudiced!!! Nowadays Adult stores are not seedy dirty dimly lit places. Instead they are often well lit and very clean and open.

But bottom line is most have been fair. Too bad most never really reported all the facts!

Why did you start the blog instead of just a retail website? How’s your website traffic?

We have always had our regular website. But as time goes by everything must change. It’s the natural order of things or evolution, as some must call it. We get a huge amount of traffic to our web site and a lot of the people that visit our web site always looking for something either for their use or to use against us because a lot of people in power visit and copy our web site (See my latest post on this at my website) so it was time to make a change to something that was interactive so that the communication level could be picked up. This new website allows us to post events, Sales and links to our other properties and web sites as well. But traffic is great! Oh BTW We are looking for a writer from East Tennessee that is interested in writing for us and covering local Events that do not seem honest etc…

I know you’ve said you were a fan of my blog. Do you read other blogs? If so, which ones?

Yes I read several other blogs as time permits. As for which… I try to read SaysUncle and Blountfacts as much as I can and usually I try to surf to others that I usually forget the name of.

What does it cost to make an adult film? Distribute one?

The costs can vary and all depends on the cost of productions staff, Talent, extras etc… For instance The Sunshyne Story comes to mind… We had to build a complete set that resembled the store so that we would make sure we were not violating any laws. So that did get expensive. The cost to distribute one is another ball game altogether and not something that is easy to detail.

No shortage of actors or actresses?

Not a bit! Everyone wants to be a star and have their moment in the spot light.

What is the primary difference between the local films and others?

Local people tend to buy films that are made locally for 2 reasons. 1) They may know someone or 2) They can relate to the people in the film a lot easier.

Any thing else you want to add?

Yes Visit my web site and visit my store. We always have something new going on and who knows what we may do from one minute to the next! The direct link to our blog and site is here.

Last but not least I believe that everyone should keep an open mind in life as it will make life that much more simple from everyone.

And Believe this – We do not put porn in your face nor do we beg anyone to watch it. WE do not condone churches knocking on doors or yelling out john 3:16 from the streets. That violates non Christian freedoms to be free from persecution such as the Jewish people or any other faith. If I did what churches did I would be the one in trouble but before anyone bites my head off they should know that more people are arrested that work in churches then in adult stores! Don’t believe me? Check your local search engine.

That’s it for now!
Peace Out!
Sunshyne Video

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  1. Sunshyne Video » SayUncle Interviews David Anderson Says:

    […] Originally published on Say Uncle Website […]

  2. Justin Says:

    Did you know that amazon also sells “adult toys and videos”? I wonder if Maryville/Blount County will try to ban access to

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Now, Justin, you know God can’t see you when you’re on the Internet.

  4. Justin Says:


  5. countertop Says:

    What I find hilarious about this entire affair (pardon the pun) is that during my brief time in Knoxville I was exposed to – and participated in – more “deviant” activities (sexual and otherwise) than I ever had the chance to while living in New York, London, or DC (though DC is a pretty down and dirt orgy kind of town too).

    Seems to me they ain’t doing nuthin’ that the community standards don’t already allow (if by community standards they mean the standards of the entire community and not simply some closeted pedophile baptist minister)

  6. countertop Says:

    And, to add to this discussion, it was a friend from Knoxville who turned me onto (again, pardon the pun) The Hun’s Yellow Pages.