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Pull the plug on Miers already

Miers failed to pay her dues a couple of times and had her license suspended twice. She can’t run a spell check on her questionnaire. And her grammar may be less than stellar. I would think a Supreme Court judge may need to pay attention to details.

5 Responses to “Pull the plug on Miers already”

  1. countertop Says:

    Dude, I wouldn’t criticize the bar dues things.

    I almost was suspended twice for the same reason. When I was at a firm, the dues statement got lost in the inter office mail system (accounts payable – which was out of my control). I recieved the second notice and thought it was junk mail and threw it into the corner of my office. It was only when attending an event the night before the deadline at the Bar that I was reminded my dues were late and I would be suspended the next day.

    This year, I simply spaced, since I am not really practicing law any more. My wife ran across the dues statement about two weeks before they were do, and since it was a couple of hundred dollars I put it aside till my next pay check came in and then forgot. Just by chance, I stumbled upon it the night before they were due and paid them then.

    As for grammer – I know plenty of top notch lawyers whose grammer and spelling suck. Thats what copy editors (and associates) are for.

    But your right, she should pull her own nomination. Aint gonna happen, and the more the Ivy League and Yale/Harvard National Review crowd complain about it, the less the chance of it happening are.

    BTW – I have no doubt she will be eventually confirmed.

  2. Bitter Says:

    I also would ignore the dues thing. A friend of mine forgot to pay his here, too. He had to come down and take a stupid class (where they handed out ice cream) for a day. Apparently it was a full class with many people who forgot to pay theirs as well.

  3. Joe P. Says:

    Gee, Uncle –

    Seems from the previous comments, lawyers could care less about actually being “licensed” to perform their jobs. And if this lack of concern regarding Law is this common, then it expresses a certain kind of contempt — that laws are only mean for “certain” people, like anyone accused of any wrongdoing, unless they are on a Crony List and then it’s ok.

    I’m with you – Miers should withdraw – she has nothing worthwhile to offer.

    But I’m afraid we’re worrying about what color window shades will dress up a house which has pretty much burned to the ground.

  4. Don Surber Says:

    Buy Harriet

    Say Uncle suggests Bush do just that. Yea, right, that’ll happen.

  5. David A. Garrett Jr. Says:

    I’ve got $30 against her on the nomination. I believe this is the first bet I’ll win since the presidential election.

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