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Have you heard about the City Council Candidate Forum?

For some reason the Knoxville City Council Candidate Forum tonight at 7:30 PM at West High School has received little public notice. The event is sponsored by League of Women Voters. This is curious because Knoxville News Sentinel Editor Jack McElroy will be present with other local media representatives on the panel that will ask the questions of the City Council Candidates. If you are one of the less than 12 % of registered voters that give a damn about this election you may find the Forum entertaining.

The Knoxville News Sentinel has a Politics Section in the paper but for some unknown reason this off year City Council election is not “news worthy”. Neither WATE nor WBIR have had much coverage over the election. I wonder if the lack of coverage of this election has any relationship to the voter apathy?

Metro Pulse has given their endorsements but who really cares about the Metro Pulse these days? The consolidation of power in Knoxville continues unabated, as the voters have not turned out in record numbers in early voting. This election may set a record for low voter turnout.

Over at in the Forum section there is some lively debate on potential questions to be asked of the City Council Candidates. Much of them centering on the dreaded red light cameras, the Candy Factory debacle, the perpetual kissing of the City Mayor’s behind, and environmental concerns.

Katie Allison Granju is a moderator on the panel and is requesting questions from the public. You can drop her an email at or go over to and join the fray.

9 Responses to “Have you heard about the City Council Candidate Forum?”

  1. SayUncle Says:

    Well, my question for Katie would be: why hasn’t this thing been publicized much? Candidates can’t deal with tough questions?

  2. SayUncle Says:

    BTW, I was wondering where you went. Long time no post, like the other co-bloggers.

  3. persimmon Says:

    Political candidates have become major advertisers as elections have grown more expensive, and it is looking like more and more media outlets are opting for minimal coverage of campaigns in order to avoid conflicts of interest or alienation of a potential advertiser. What coverage they do offer is basically regurgitation of campaign press releases.

  4. #9 Says:

    Well, my question for Katie would be: why hasn’t this thing been publicized much? Candidates can’t deal with tough questions?

    I have heard on several local radio talk shows that only national politics can bring sponsors. Local politics are boring and no one cares. The other explanation is that the KNS, local TV, and local radio have become regional with their signal and distribution so covering Knoxville politics would be boring to the majority or readers and listeners.

    I think that is 20% fact and 80% bullshit. I can not help but notice the cozy relationship between Mayors Haslam and Ragsdale. I believe the lack of media coverage is by design.

    I smell Metro government in the works. People in Knoxville will look back at this election and kick themselves for being so asleep at the switch.

  5. #9 Says:

    BTW, I was wondering where you went. Long time no post, like the other co-bloggers.

    I was curious about this election. I wanted to wait a little to see if there would be any media coverage. Even Michael Silence has be very quiet about this election. Silent in fact.

    Considering the red light cameras and the Candy Factory you would think there would be great activity with letter writing to the editor or calls to local talk radio. This election has no pulse. Very curious.

    In the old days you could write a complaint to the FCC but not today. If the media does not do it’s job it’s just tough luck.

    If it were not for Stacy Campfield being a friend of Steve Hall there would be no coverage.

    Even Bob Stepno over at has posted almost nothing on this election.

  6. persimmon Says:

    Local elections are only boring if the writers and editors covering them are boring.

  7. joe public Says:

    What can be done to “sex up” local elections and get more coverage/involvement? They are, in many ways, some of the most important decisions we make.

    I consider Knoxville elections outside my scope, but it would be great to see some Knoxville blogger(s) covering them the way I (and maybe others) plan to do for the 2006 Hamilton County cycle, and following.

  8. CL Says:

    Y’all need to check out a radio show called “The Voice”. It’s on 1080 AM from 7:45 to 10 in the mornings. They did talk about this meeting some this morning. Steve Hall is usually there on Wednesdays. They don’t like the red light cameras and they don’t kiss either mayors’ behind.

  9. CL Says:

    My apologies. It’s on 1180am, not 1080. I misread the setting on my radio.

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