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Spam: is there anything they won’t do

A while back, comment spam was huge. I implemented controls for that. Then, trackback spam became huge and I again implemented controls for that after going months with trackbacks disabled. Months ago, my referral logs became useless due to referral spam. Now, various other blog measures are getting inundated with spam. I’ve found blogpulse and blogsnow to be getting hit regularly with linky spam, wherein some blog is setup to pimp a product and links to everyone it can. So, when you go check out who is linking to you, you are exposed to the crap.

About the only decent measure of readership these days seems to be Technorati, Google Blog Search, and Sitemeter.

Update: Just Johnny on Splogging:

I thought it would be commercial advertising in RSS feeds that dampered the growth of Insta-blogs; it now appears that the culprit will be spam based blogs infesting our favorite blog-regators like technorati and google.

Do we now need spam filters and virus protection for our RSS feeds?

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