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The Plain Dealer Fibs Again

The Cleveland Plain Dealer claimed that legislation “offered by Rep. Jim Aslanides of Coshocton would end journalists’ access to the list of people granted a concealed-weapons permits [sic]”, and repeating the lie a second time by saying that “lawmakers are seeking to close off public access completely”. The bill did nothing of the sort and Buckeye Firearms pointed that out. They also contacted Brent Larkin, who had agreed … six days before that the editorial misrepresented House Bill 347, and that “if there is an error in the story, I will address it.”

However, Buckeye notes there have been 10 issues since then and 16 corrections. None of those address the error in the story.

Before I thought The Plain Dealer was just ignorant. Now, I know they’re just biased.

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