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C-More but . . .

I prefer the EOTech. But Mr. Completely has the skinny on the C-More Red Dot Sight.

3 Responses to “C-More but . . .”

  1. Kevin Baker Says:

    I just got a new flat-top upper for my AR, to which I added an EOTech. Very nice!

  2. AnalogKid Says:

    I put an EOTech on top of my 1187 race gun. The gun quit, but the EOTech still worked.

    It will now move to my 870.

  3. Mr. Completely Says:

    I considered the EOTech, but went with the C-More because there’s less “stuff” surrounding the lens, only a thin frame rim, so there is less interference with the view of the upcoming next target.

    If I was going to put it on a rifle or shotgun, I might have gone with something different. I don’t think you could go far wrong with either one…..

    …..Mr. C.

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