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Quote of the day

Frank Cagle:

Bush may still be popular with the branch of the Republican Party that only cares about abortion, stem-cell research and displaying the Ten Commandments, but the fiscal-conservative small-government don’t-tread-on-me wing of the party has had enough.

One Response to “Quote of the day”

  1. bjbarron Says:

    …and don’t forget the anti-illegal immigrant coalition, the pro-5th amendment symposium, the pro 2nd amendment branch, the anti-weak SCOTUS nominee group, the anti-RINO opposition,…etc. He should thank his lucky stars that the Dims run guys like Gore and Kerry…people hold their noses and vote for him as a definite lesser of two evils.

    This guy is would have made a good Democrat in the 50s; but he certainly isn’t a conservative.

    I’ve given up on defending him, and have started dreading who the stupid party will come up with for 2008…it’s a much more productive use of my time.

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