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New Orleans Gun Confiscation Update

The NRA was successful in its bid to get the NO authorities to stop confiscating firearms. Now, it’s getting a bit more interesting.

Clayton Cramer has a copy of the NO injunction:

Okay, I’m confused. News coverage said that the police were seizing all firearms. Now the appropriate officials deny that they will do it, can do it, or did do it.

The authorities deny issuing the order and deny taking arms but the NRA claims to have the names of 30 – 40 people who reported their arms were taken. Plus, I’ve seen video of one person having their gun taken. I think someone is lying or someone acted on their own without orders. TriggerFinger says:

We still don’t know exactly what happened in that New Orleans courtroom. But thanks to this interview with Alan Gottlieb of the 2nd Amendment Foundation, recorded just before the injunction was issued, we can start to guess. In it, Alan says that the judge is waiting for one thing: he wanted to see the video clip himself. So we can presume that the judge saw the denials from the Nagin and Compass and wanted to see evidence that they were lying to him. Reasonable, and since he later issued the injunction, it appears he was satisfied.

He has much more, including further analysis of the court order. So, who’s lying? Nagin? Compass? Or The New York Times?

6 Responses to “New Orleans Gun Confiscation Update”

  1. Standard Mischief Says:

    Funny how the NRA didn’t post the injunction online, you would think they would be waving that thing around like a flag at this point.

  2. Thibodeaux Says:

    I’m with you, SU. We’ve seen the video of Compass saying “nobody will be allowed to have guns.” We’ve seen the video of the old lady and the “our guns were bigger” dudes. I suppose they may have been creatively edited, of course.

  3. TriggerFinger Says:

    My take is simple: Nagin is hanging Compass out to dry; Nagin doesn’t want anything to do with the lawsuit. That probably means the whole thing was Compass’ idea. Compass will try to defend his actions as justified in any specific cases that come before the court, probably by suggesting that anyone remaining in New Orleans in defiance of a mandatory evacuation order is not a “law abiding citizen”.

  4. countertop Says:

    Of course, that begs the whole adequate notice thing, what with there being no electric and hence no TV or Radio to inform the citizenry of the requirement that they leave town (if in fact, they are even authorized to do so – which raises significant 3rd and 4th and 5th amendment concerns – not that the confiscations without due process or even receipts don’t)

    If I was Compass, I would forget policing New Orleans and try to quickly put all my assets in my wife and children’s names and stick the rest in some form of pension/retired investment plan so as to be immune to the suits that are certain to follow.

  5. robert Says:

    You get what you vote for. Here’s a couple of lying sons of bitches. They always were, they are, and they will continue to be.

  6. Paul Says:

    My take is simpler. They are all lying. They are politicians, it’s what they do.