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Flying with heat

The ATF has the TSA’s fact sheet on transporting firearms and ammunition on commercial aircraft. It’s also advisable that you contact your airline as rules vary for different companies.

2 Responses to “Flying with heat”

  1. David C. Says:

    Not all TSA drones at airports know these rules. I flew from Raleigh to Miami with ammo in boxes in the case with the weapon…no problems. On the way back…ticket counter lady didn’t like the ammo in the case…went to call TSA (saw them call), TSA told them ammo couldn’t be in the case. I’d have put it in my other suitcase at that point, but they’d already sent it down the belt and it was at weight anyway. I just showed them the TSA thing and said I was gonna leave the ammo in there, and put the paper in there too, and if TSA bounced it back, then I’d deal with it. It went through fine.

    Be careful of assuming that the TSA folks know their own rules. Of course, the keep changing, so what can you expect from any one drone?


  2. robert Says:

    IMHO it is IMPERATIVE that if you travel, MAKE them check you through with a weapon. ALWAY travel armed. If they had to clear firearms 30 times a day, they would finally get their act straight. If they check a civilian firearm once a month, they won’t.
    I bump into counter clerks all the time that say they have “never done this before.” That’s dangerous.

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