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Here comes the scam

Michael Silence notes that the Knoxville Titty Council may approve a red light camera contract in October.

Legislatures and courts keep scrapping the cameras and that the cameras correlate with an increase in traffic injuries. Also, the company that makes the cameras may be motivated to make a little extra money my monkeying with the settings. And they are not 100% accurate.

And, the cameras can be used by the police for harassment.

3 Responses to “Here comes the scam”

  1. cube Says:

    For a long time, i have not understood the argument of traffic cameras increaseing accidents. I now understand the argument better.

    There is an increase in traffice injuries casued by rear ending others. That means the traffice cameras actually do their job: People stop at the red lights.

    Though that means that the people behind them don’t and they get rear ended.

    Now that is funny.

  2. David A. Garrett Jr. Says:

    Everyone to the city council meeting, Oct. 4!

  3. Kristopher Says:

    The most cost effective solution to red light running is to increase yellow light duration by as little as a half second.

    Much better than red-light cameras and camera enforcement. But it doesn’t increase ticket revenue.

    In fact, many companies that install traffic cameras for a cut of the tickets put a clause in their contract forbidding increased yellow light duration … which is usually in violation of state laws requiring traffic engineers to make these decisions about light duration.

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