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Product pimp and a good deal

A while back, I mentioned my AK upgrades. I installed the UltiMAK Scout Mount on my WASR-10. My only issue was that it, with a standard scope ring, did not cowitness with the iron sights. Cowitnessing is having your iron sights lined up with the red dot sight so that you have back up sights in the event your electronic sight fails (battery dies or you break it) without having to remove the sight. Well, the folks at UltiMAK thought of that. I was talking to Joe Huffman and he said they make a mount just for that. Lyle from UltiMAK sent me an email and said this sight mount would allow co-witnessing as it sits lower on the scout mount. I was sold. I received mine last week and installed it. It aligns with the iron sights. The iron sights are clearly visible in the lower half of the TacPoint. Also, it’s a durable and well made mount. I gave it the SayUncle test, which consists of installing it then grabbing the weapon by the red dot sight and shaking the living Hell out of it. It didn’t budge. I highly recommend it.

And now a good deal from TAPCO: for $29.99, you get two 30 round AR-15 magazines and four magazine clamps. Four mag clamps usually go for $10 so it’s like getting the magazines for $10 each. I have some on the way.

3 Responses to “Product pimp and a good deal”

  1. Mark Says:

    What kind of accuracy are you getting with this rig on the rifle? I’ve read somewhere that the Ultimak by itself has improved accuracy on some AK’s because of the fit; did you notice a difference?

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Not got it to the range yet in this configuration. Without all the extras, the bare bones WASR was doing about 4 inch groups at 30 yards. Will do a report when I get it to the range.

  3. Resistance is futile! Says:

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