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We saw it after 9/11 and I think we’ll see it after Katrina: there will be an uptick in gun sales.

15 Responses to “Prediction”

  1. Brutal Hugger Says:

    I know of three people that plan to buy guns as a result of New Orleans. Plus, my gf has decided to go to a range and get some training. A few days ago, her theory was we only need one gun between us and she didn’t need to know how to use it.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Don’t you live in NYC? Isn’t that about impossible? Or at least expensive. Don’t you have to wait a year, spend $600 in fees, juggle chipmunks naked while facing east, and jump through hoops?

    Also, what kind?

  3. robert Says:

    A naked chimpmunk juggling video, posted on the right web site will earn enough money and cash to buy any firearm you choose, training in depth, plus the fees and liscenses.

  4. mostly cajun Says:

    Two of my guys went to the local Academy to buy some pistol ammo today and had to leave because the line was too long with people buying handguns and ammo. People in southwest Louisiana saw what happened to unarmed and unprepared folks in New Orleans…

  5. Les Jones Says:

    I think your prediction is correct.

  6. ben Says:

    I think you have to juggle naked chipmunks.

  7. Tam Says:


    We have been absolutely slammed. I’d wager we’ve moved more iron in the first three days of this month than in the first week of last month. Today’s CCW course was durn near SRO, too…

  8. Les Jones Says:

    Uncle: your prediction was right. I bought a new gun today! 🙂 I got the $49 H&R Tamara mentioned on her blog.

  9. ThePatheticEarthling Says:

    I certainly reinventoried my Earthquake kit. Actually, it was in pretty good shape, although I need to change out my bottled water. I was pleased to see — as I had forgotten — that I had stashed a bottle of Glenmorangie single malt in the kit.

  10. Jay G Says:

    Scuttlebutt on the ground here in the Volksrepublik of MA is that the local gun shop was, and I quote “f**ing packed”…

  11. Zendo Deb Says:

    The correct armament to be had for emergencies does seem to be a hot topic. While I like the SKS I can’t justify the expense right now. Some more ammo for the current armory might be in order.

  12. Brutal Hugger Says:

    There are a number of ranges in the city where you can get lessons, but they aren’t exactly inviting. Apparently there are multiple hoops to jump through. But there are ranges in Jersey that her Aunt frequents. These are more relaxed. Also, there are private ranges a few hours north of the city– I have a friend who is always willing to let people shoot on his land and is always willing to walk somebody through the first lesson. There’s also a friend of mine who has extensive gun safety training (he’s NYPD), and as soon as he gets back from Iraq, I hope he’ll want to do more range weekends too.

    Shotguns in NYC are eminently gettable. The barriers are arbitrary, but you can get past them.

  13. countertop Says:

    Brutal Hugger –

    My brother belongs to a great range in Northern Jersey about 35 miles outside of the city. Don’t know if thats too far for you, but if you need access to a place, let me know and I will see if he can hook you up. He shoots allsorts of stuff there – and considering its Jersey – has a pretty damn impressive firearms collection.

  14. SayUncle » Blog Archive » I called it Says:

    […] I predicted an uptick in gun sales six days ago. Guess what: Gun sales across the South boomed after the first reports surfaced of armed looters roaming the streets of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. And images of shots being fired at relief workers only elevated fears in some communities. […]

  15. SayUncle » Blog Archive » More on gun sales Says:

    […] I predicted gun sales would go up after Katrina and early indications supported that. Now, there’s this: Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. has reported that fiscal first-quarter sales rose and profits were boosted by a reduction in allowances for environmental contamination at a Springfield property. […]

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