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More Civil Unrest

The arfcom folks are talking about gun fights breaking out in Baton Rouge. Reportedly, the police and SWAT have the situation contained.

3 Responses to “More Civil Unrest”

  1. ThePatheticEarthling Says:

    Contained to within the confines of metropolitan New Orleans.

    Where is the goddamned Mayor? I haven’t seen him on television in two days, and I’ve been watching the CNN and FOX almost wall-to-wall, and I’ve seen the Governors, Cabinet Secretaries, the President, various National Guard and charitable agency officials — but *nothing* from the Mayor. I don’t know that he’s in a position to do anything, but Christ, you couldn’t *not* see Rudy Guiliani from the moment he came out of the command center until the end of his term.

  2. ThePatheticEarthling Says:

    Oops. Baton Rouge. That whole reading comprehension thing is hard.

  3. cube Says:

    I was courious if the viloense would spread.

    I live in memphis, though it is unlikly the violence will spread here, i have become slightly more obsevant than normal.