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Virginia ATF Update

I linked before to the story about the Richmond police, ATF and VA State Police conducting illegal residency checks, in which they allegedly told family members and neighbors that folks were buying guns. I was skeptical until CNSNews picked up on it. Now, Ravenwood links to the smoking gun. Someone got some info through a Freedom of Information Act request and that details that these residency checks have been going on since at least July 2004. Since the agents copied the names, home addresses and telephone numbers of the applicants, they broke the law.

Additionally, the Richmond police lied about their participation:

Richmond Police spokeswoman Kirsten Nelson e-mailed her response to questions about the apparent sting operation.

“I have done some checking and as I said on the phone, the gun show was not in our jurisdiction,” Nelson wrote, “so I have no record of our officers’ participation.”

But don’t worry, the media will cover this violation of law, right? Oh, that’s right, it involves guns and gun nuts. No time for truth when guns are involved. Heads should roll.

6 Responses to “Virginia ATF Update”

  1. David Codrea Says:

    I like the way the goons keep referring to “perspective,” as opposed to “prospective” purchasers.

  2. Ravenwood Says:

    That’s how we talk down south.

  3. mks Says:

    You are not a gun nut. I do find surprising, though, your support of the University of Florida.

    Okay, maybe I just made that up. But that’s what we MSMers do.

  4. # 9 Says:

    The only question is how can the word “progressive” be used in this story? Let’s see, progressive Richmond police, ATF and VA State Police performed extra due diligence to ensure the safety of…

    That’s as far as I can get. But some MSM will pick it up from there. Our language is being taken away from us. Newspeak had nothing on MSMSpeak.

  5. Mark Says:

    I hope the show sponsors keep on it. Both civil suit level and criminal.

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