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The War on Terriers

In Oklahoma:

State Rep. Paul Wesselhoft, R-Moore, bit off a mouthful with his announced intention to seek legislation placing restrictions on pit bull terriers this summer. His initial plan was shot down by Attorney General Drew Edmondson who ruled state law currently prohibits breed-specific bans.

Mr. Wesselhoft, a freshman, plans to push ahead and seek legislative approval to give cities the right to discriminate against certain breeds. He proposed the ban after a June attack on a boy by pit bulls in a neighbor’s yard. The 3-year-old’s left arm had to be amputated at the shoulder following the attack.

Mr. Edmondson said the law provides that local government regulations must focus on “dangerous or potentially dangerous dogs instead of specific breeds.”

The owner of the dogs was fined for having too many animals in his yard. Pit bull breeders and animal rights associations have opposed the efforts, saying the proposal is discriminatory. They rallied at the Moore City Council meeting where Mr. Wesselhoft proposed the ban.

We think any such proposal put forth by Mr. Wesselhoft should not be breed-specific legislation and should be altered to include other vicious animals.

I honestly think that’s the first editorial I’ve seen that opposes breed specific legislation. Hats off to The Norman Transcript.

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