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Anthony Diotaiuto Update

Radley reports the cops’ story doesn’t add up. Anthony was killed in a no-knock raid for drugs in which the cops found 2 measly ounces of marijuana. Witnesses report that the police never announced themselves. Says Radley:

What happened to that loaded handgun isn’t exactly clear. So far, the only gun the cops report confiscating was a BB gun. Neighbors who saw the incident say they never heard the cops announce themselves.

Also, someone left a comment here and noted:

Bits and pieces are still coming out about this big DRUG DEALER the SWAT Team had to kill since he was such a violent criminal. The big bust was just that 2 ounces was all they could find in the entire home lets not forget the BB gun! They knew this man worked nights and had just gotten fully asleep by 6:15am. Neighbors watching them assemble and go in the home never herd them announce POLICE. All they herd and saw was the percussion grenade, guess the party wouldnít be complete without the poppers! No gun was aimed at or shot at any police officer if he even had the gun in hand at all! He was dazed still asleep and scared shitless that people were breaking into his home in the middle of the night. He went into his closet to get a robe since he slept nude. Guess these guys wanted to keep him nude and panicked when he went in the closet. So like the well trained Swat Team they were they shot him through the wall hitting him(10 times since he was so violent and now resisting) in the leg, arm, chest and five to the head for good measure!

I can’t verify the accuracy of that report but if they shot him through a wall, how exactly would they know he had a gun?

2 Responses to “Anthony Diotaiuto Update”

  1. cmbiii Says:

    This appears to be one of the prices we pay as a society for the “war on drugs.” I’m coming to believe that the price is too high. Decriminalizing drug use, while it wouldn’t be cost free to society, would at least reduce the frequency of the government acting like storm troopers against its own citizens. That’s in addition to putting the squelch on the rivers of cash that flow into the hands of the drug providers, and back out into violence and corruption to keep that traffic flowing.

  2. Missy Says:

    Anthony was a dear friend of mine and I am very sad to see such a horrible thing happen to a great person.
    As I was not a witness, Anthony was not shot through a wall. That is the first I have heard of that. Any other person would have ran to arm themselves if they woke up to a bunch of guys dressed in all black with black masks busted in their house during dark hours.
    I guess we’ll never know the real story, maybe that was the cops intent. It’s unfortunate that they THOUGHT they had their mind made up about him before they entered…. what’s that old saying about ASSUMING…. you make an ASS out of yourself.. Well they sure did make an ass out of themselves. Now they have to live with this the rest of their life.