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Did you find what you were looking for?

A kid, who smoked weed recreationally, was thought to be a drug dealer. Police raided his home and killed him because he possibly pointed his gun at police. Personally, I think we need more than possibly to justify killing anyone. However, here’s the part I found odd:

Police thought there was drug dealing going on in the home, and that there might be violence because Diotaiuto had a valid concealed weapons permit

Got that? You are considered violent for going through the trouble of getting a permit to legally carry a concealed weapon. And what did they find? They found an undisclosed weed (likely undisclosed because it’s not enough to justify killing someone for), paraphernalia (probably rolling papers), a gun they knew he owned, and an air gun. For that, Anthony Andrew Diotaiuto, 23, of Sunrise Florida is dead.

Another senseless no-knock warrant death.

Update: Pete has more.

4 Responses to “Did you find what you were looking for?”

  1. F-Stop Says:

    The power of suggestion is alive and well. Unfortunately that means this guy isn’t.

    All over a little weed…

  2. markm Says:

    Does it ever occur to these morons that they’d be less likely to get into shooting matches if they dressed like policemen and knocked on the door at a reasonable hour rather than dressing like ninja stormtroopers and busting the door down in the middle of the night?

  3. Publicola Says:

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  4. Lukas1995 Says:

    no-knock raid
    Bits and pieces are still coming out about this big DRUG DEALER the SWAT Team had to kill since he was such a violent criminal. The big bust was just that 2 ounces was all they could find in the entire home lets not forget the BB gun! They knew this man worked nights and had just gotten fully asleep by 6:15am. Neighbors watching them assemble and go in the home never herd them announce POLICE. All they herd and saw was the percussion grenade, guess the party wouldnít be complete without the poppers! No gun was aimed at or shot at any police officer if he even had the gun in hand at all! He was dazed still asleep and scared shitless that people were breaking into his home in the middle of the night. He went into his closet to get a robe since he slept nude. Guess these guys wanted to keep him nude and panicked when he went in the closet. So like the well trained Swat Team they were they shot him through the wall hitting him(10 times since he was so violent and now resisting) in the leg, arm, chest and five to the head for good measure!