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What a dumb ass

Seriously, read this unsigned editorial. There’s an email address at the bottom but to save you time it’s

3 Responses to “What a dumb ass”

  1. Michael Hussey Says:

    “the plauge of weapons”

  2. The Everlasting Phelps Says:

    NYC on GUNS
    Well, SaysUncle was bitching that no one fisks anymore. He sowed the wind, you guys can enjoy the storm. Some New York Daily News Asshats penned this gem. The gun-huggers at the National Rifle Association will not be holding their…

  3. Xrlq Says:

    God, I hate New York. I did like this part, though:

    Showing more common sense than did his colleagues, Roberts wrote, “Stolen tags often accompany stolen cars.” He also wrote: “The best [the suspect] could do was tell the officers … that the car belonged to his girlfriend. Sometimes a car being driven by an unlicensed driver, with no registration and stolen tags, really does belong to the driver’s friend, and sometimes dogs do eat homework.”