Is blogging activism?

Gunner, in a must read post, figures he spends more time uncovering piles of dog shit than actually cleaning up the dog shit.

Does blogging lead to less activism?

2 Responses to “Is blogging activism?”

  1. ben says:

    not everyone blogs. it gives more fuel to the activists, hopefully.

  2. Eric Scheie says:

    I was just worried about this yesterday. There’s a problem with seeing blogging as a different activity than “getting involved” is that blogging is one form of active involvement. Activists do things like write letters to the editor, hold up signs, call their legislators, push for legislation. Done properly, blogging can improve and streamline all of these activities, and can reach far more people. The people reached may be precisely the right people too; if a blogger complains about a pile of dog shit, and an activist reads about it and goes out and cleans it up, that blogger has accomplished something possibly more important than if he’d cleaned up the pile himself.

    Now why am I writing this in a comment? This should be a post.

    Thanks for helping me think my way out of my mood of temporary despair!