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Where’d all the fisking go?

Lately, I haven’t noticed a lot of media criticism or, specifically, fisking going on in blogland. What’s up with that? I thought maybe the media were being more careful with the facts. Then, I realized that’s not the case. Are we bored of fisking? No longer the in thing?

12 Responses to “Where’d all the fisking go?”

  1. SayUncle : What media bias? Says:

    […] als, according to Time. And he fisks someone too. And I just said I hadn’t noticed much of that stuff. I should have excepted guns, I suppose.
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  2. d Says:

    I think many people have become so cynical (as opposed to skeptical) that they don’t even bother anymore.

    Also, the problem is that there are so many narrowcast media forms now, that people are further drawn to programs that re-enforce their own beliefs. ie: evangelical news reporting that Terry Schiavo gasped “I want to live!” [CJR]

    It’s great to see all kinds of new media, but it’ll come back and bite us in the ass I suspect….

  3. Xrlq Says:

    Here’s a mini-fisking of … Robert Fisk.

  4. KG Says:

    Tough to say… I think it’s partly bordom and partly that fisking takes longer than a regular post… that said, I still break it out everyonce in a while, did one of the LAT editorial page the other day (I know, easy target, but they went after surfers and capitalists at the same time)

  5. Steven Couch Says:

    Not exactly a fisking, but I hope this helps.

  6. gunner Says:

    Now that people here are learning how biased the MSM is and how to read their drivel it is not as needed as it was.

  7. TriggerFinger Says:

    Actually, I rather think that people are fisking less because they are writing more original content. At least that’s what’s going on for me.

  8. _Jon Says:

    My opinion is that we’ve realized that it doesn’t make a difference. We all know the articles are crap. Pointing out the color and consistency of the crap doesn’t add anything.

    The MSM rarely provides corrections, replies, or references.

    It’s kinda like wrestling with the pig in your own back yard – no one appreciates how hard it is, and it don’t change nothin’.

  9. John of Argghhh! Says:

    Well, even though Jon is probably right, at Castle Argghhh! we still tilt at windmills! In this case, Tom Oliphant, because Dusty opened his yap on Hewitt’s show.

  10. cube Says:

    I really only use fisking as a blogging method when i need to build up my ego.


  11. Phelps Says:

    Yeah, I haven’t done a fisking in a while since I am reading less news on its own. Everyone that is going to be convinced that the MSM is FOS is already convinced, and the rest are never going to be convinced.

  12. The Everlasting Phelps Says:

    NYC on GUNS
    Well, SaysUncle was bitching that no one fisks anymore. He sowed the wind, you guys can enjoy the storm. Some New York Daily News Asshats penned this gem. The gun-huggers at the National Rifle Association will not be holding their…