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It’s coming, Kali

Speier’s repeal of doggie protections passed committee:

SACRAMENTO State Senator’s Jackie Speier’s dog law bill passed the Assembly Local Government Committee today on a four-to-two vote.

Current state law prohibits breed specific legislation. But Speier’s bill — S-B 861 — would allow local governments to place restrictions on breeders of certain types of dogs and allow local governments to enact spaying and neutering programs.

The one thing that made me think California wasn’t wholly evil is probably going away.

One Response to “It’s coming, Kali”

  1. The Pathetic Earthling Says:

    Jackie Speier is one of the most annoying legislators in all of my dear California.

    Unfortunately, since she took — I don’t recall — about eight bullets on the tarmac at Georgetown, Guyana in 1978(as an aide to the assassinated Rep. Leo McCarthy) and played dead for 20 hours, she’s a hard person to go after.

    Fortunately, I think she’s just about term-limited out.

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