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RINO Sightings

Behold, the Raging Rinos, created by The Commissar for secular and moderate conservatives who don’t drink the party Kool-Aid on issues such as whether it’s legal for dudes to diddle dudes and all that God business. Republican, without all the crazy.

J.D. has kicked around many logos for the group, following some issues with the first one. I guess no one liked the one I used

So, while the Republican Party is busy with important things like keeping gay marriage outlawed, banning desecration of the flag, and putting up monuments to the 10 Commandments, what are the RINOs wasting time talking about:

John Cole wants a policy of intelligence gathering to aid in the war on terror, not degradation and dehumanization of our prisoners of war. Further, he ascribes sensibility in . . . . Look . . . Dudes kissing!

Sure, being secular righties is fun but that doesn’t mean there’s no time to bash the left when it’s, you know, stupid. Politechincal takes on Durbin’s statement and alleged-apology. He notes . . . crap! The Commandments are in trouble! RightThoughts tackles religious stupidity but not the kind you think.

In a Durbin v. Rove death match, Larry picks a winner but notes they’re both losers. Rusty, surprisingly, accepts Durbin’s apology at face value. Additionally, some radical-right-wing nuts think Rove should apologize. And the Hitler Zombie battles for your soul.

One thing we conservatives tend to hate is socialism. Power and Control has thoughts on, and I’m not making this up, Republican Socialism. I think it’s very real and socialism is a good description where these no longer fiscally responsible statists are taking this country.

Environmental Republican (no, I’m not making that one up either) smacks the Philly Inquirer for minimizing the story . . . This just in, there’s this new theory that humans were not actually put here 5,000 years ago by God. Those people are crazy, this is what really happened. Speaking of God, here’s something on the other American Taliban. And RINOs and the ACLU living in sin? Who’d have thunk it?

Here’s some more from another environmentally conscious Republican, who doesn’t do math.

AJ takes a good look at the credibility of those involved with the Downing Street Memo.

Eric addresses how political stereotyping prevents ordinary people from addressing serious problems in the educational system. And gay cooties.

Even Raging RINOs draw the line somewhere. That line appears to be John McCain. Nick has more on TSOBJM, which I predict will soon be blog meme.

RINOs on weed: The Drug War has created a paramilitary group trained by the US in Mexico. They have switched sides and now run drug operations. Scary stuff. It didn’t take long after Raich for the feds to start raiding medical marijuana facilities. The line between states rights and federal power took a . . . Newsflash: kids may react negatively to that crazy rock music!

That rather disturbing Schiavo business seemed to conclude leaving everyone feeling, well, confused and saddened. Yet, Jeb Bush wants to resurrect the issue with even less taste.

It’s like 1984 for capitalists, Dan translates Salesgoodspeakian to English.

Bill Quick notes that of the three members of the Axis of Evil, we took out one and it was the least threatening. He notes the US may give up on the two remaining members.

On the war-front, Dan rightfully tells us that amazing things are happening in the Middle East, like Constitutions and stuff. But those Constitutions never last, enter Kelo:

Bloodspite on Kelo: who lost? We did. You and I.

Countertop notes the end of something we should hold dear. I always thought the third amendment is still in effect but I may have been wrong.

Ken Wheaton on Kelo’s liberal conundrum.

Sorry, sir. This developer needs your land.

Update: Oh yeah, what’s a SayUncle post without a link to gun porn. Here’s some. Mmmmm, SCAR.

Update 2: Sorry folks, spam assault. Trackbacks are disabled again. Took a total of 15 minutes from the time I enabled to getting assaulted. Anyway, if you wish to trackback desperately, just leave a link in comments.

This concludes The First Very Special Episode of RINO Sightings. Now, on to administrative matters:

The tentative schedule for future episodes of your friendly, neighborhood RINO Sightings is as follows:

July 4 – Mark Coffey, Decision 08
July 11 – Larry Bernard
July 18 – Andy at WWR
July 25 – Counter Top
Aug 1 – open
Aug 8 – open

Let Der Commissar know if you’d like to host one. Also, to add the RINO Roll to your site, here’s the script:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"

14 Responses to “RINO Sightings”

  1. Gay Orbit » Rinoposty™ Says:

    […] sp;   |    



    Rinoposty This post pretty much sums up why I would consider myself a Republican In Name Only. […]

  2. Big Cat Chronicles Says:

    RINO sightings debut
    RINO Sightings debuted today, thanks to SayUncle.  Think of it like a carnival, only pointy.

    This will now be a regular Monday feature around the RINO community..

  3. Decision '08 Says:

    RINO Sightings
    The first round of RINO Sightings is in, and it’s a beaut, so be sure and check it out, won’t you? Lots of great reading…and don’t forget I’m the host for next week, so be sure and send me your best, and I’ll do my worst. Email to mark-dot-coffe…

  4. The World According to Nick Says:

    Did You See That?
    I think I just saw a RHINO. Say Uncle has the first weekly RHINO Sightings up this morning. It’s a collection of blog bosts by members of the Raging RHINOs. He think I might be able to start a blog meme with my TSOBJM post. I’ve always wanted to sta…

  5. The World Wide Rant - v3.0 Says:

    Here There Be RINOs
    Well, over there at Say Uncle, actually. Ooh and ahh and marvel as the reasonable arm of the right (as opposed to the shrill wingnuts) shares its bloggy goodness with you. Update: And since I missed it over the weekend,…

  6. Barry Says:

    Tried to send a trackback but got an error – anyway, we’re pointing to RINO Sightings from enrevanche. Good job, Uncle!

  7. The Commissar Says:

    My TB’s to you don’t work either

  8. j.d. Says:

    I did consider using your logo. 🙂

  9. SayUncle Says:

    See Update 2 for the trackback issue. Spam assault.

  10. scott Says:

    Nice job. I love the differences of opinion from this group.

  11. BloodSpite Says:

    Trackbacks are hosed for me No clue why. I linked the Carnival here:

  12. Richard Bennett Says:

    May I suggest you check out SpamKarma? It’s a WordPress plugin that totally eliminates comment and trackback spam.

  13. The Lonewacko Blog Says:

    “The Drug War has created a paramilitary group trained by the US in Mexico”

    It wasn’t the drug war that caused us to decide that training people in a corrupt 3rd world country was a good idea. BTW, does “RINO” = libertarian?

  14. SayUncle Says:

    No, but it’s why we trained these guys. And libertarians are welcome in the RINOs.

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