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SayUncle contest

As regular readers know, I like to build stuff (particularly guns). They also should know (if they were paying attention) that I’m going to be machining my own AR15 lower receivers. See, when you buy a gun, the receiver is usually marked with some sort of logo or brand name and a serial number (all my machined lowers will be numbered SU000X). I need some line art to put on them. So, dear reader, I need a good logo. Any reader is allowed submit one or more suggestions for line art in an image format.

The rules (such as they are):

Submit as many as you like via email to saysuncle at yahoo dot com (or post them on your blog, if you have one). They must be in JPG or GIF format.

All images must be line art (i.e., can be reproduced using only lines).

Images should be monochromatic (i.e., black and white).

Judging will be entirely based on my preference (though I’m not opposed to the idea of a reader poll to determine winners). I’m probably going to do three lowers at first so I may have first through third place prizes unless I really like one in particular.

No porn.

And the prize(s) will be something gun related. Either something from the existing SayUncle stockpile of mags, scopes and other goodies. Or a $30 gift card to a fine gun oriented website like Midway, Tapco, Ammoman, MWG, or even Amazon for you non-gun types. Also, a gratuitous plug on the blog. And, of course, the satisfaction that your creation will be immortalized on an assault weapon.

Update: At Countertop’s suggestion, if a receiver is available, that could also be a substitute prize. But a bit of a warning:

Me and my build partner each want three lowers. We got eight on the assumption we’d screw two of them up. Should all lowers make it, the winner may get one. The difficulty would be getting a FFL dealer to transfer and whether or not it’s legal in the winner’s state of residence. Here at SayUncle, we do not violate gun laws. As such, a lower could be a potential prize but don’t be disappointed if, legally, that can’t happen.

Update 2: Oh yeah, submissions should be received by June 30, 2005

17 Responses to “SayUncle contest”

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  5. countertop Says:

    Cool. Perhaps you might even offer to have one of the lowers manufactured for the winner (or give the winner the option of buying one).

    What kind of BATF process do you have to go through to do this?

  6. SayUncle Says:

    Only problem is finding a dealer willing to transfer a ‘homemade’ lower.

  7. David Codrea Says:

  8. Robert Says:

    I’d put the twin towers on them. Second choice would be the Don’t Tread On Me snake.

  9. Mike Says:

    I was going to suggest Robert’s idea! Damn.

    My other thought was to make it look like a US issue M16 – whatever it is those reciever say, try to replicate it as close as possible.

  10. Chattanooga-Hamilton Civic Forum Says:

    Obligatory Roundup Entry
    This was intended for posting on 6/8/05. It wouldn’t be a blog if it didn’t have posts that simply linked to other posts on other blogs, which in turn link to other sources, so…

  11. cube Says:

    Here is my entry into your contest.

    I think so far I should win because I actually followed the rules to the best of my ablity.

    I like the second one the best.

  12. countertop Says:

    finding a dealer willing to transfer a ‘homemade’ lower.

    Does it need to go through a dealer? Wouldn’t a face to face transfer not require a dealer? I mean if the winner were in Tennessee. Not sure if you have to be a resident of Tennessee (as a Virginia Resident I can generally purchase a long gun in Tennessee but not a handgun)

    Also, did you need a special tax stamp to manufacture them? What kind of paper work is invovled on your end – to make the lower?

  13. SayUncle Says:

    Does it need to go through a dealer?

    Across state lines, yes as it will be a finished receiver and thus a firearm.

    Wouldn’t a face to face transfer not require a dealer?

    Only if a resident of TN.

    did you need a special tax stamp to manufacture them?

    To manufacture, you need to be a licensed manufacturer. However, anyone can generally make them for personal use if state law doesn’t prohibit it and you’re not making a machine gun, silencer, SBR, AOW or non-sporting-imported firarm.

    What kind of paper work is invovled on your end – to make the lower?

    None, for personal use.

  14. SayUncle Says:

    And Cube, I like that for Serial Number prefix! BTW, making your own doesn’t require a serial number but most dealers won’t transfer them without one.

  15. cube Says:

    “And Cube, I like that for Serial Number prefix!”

    I think you may be right on that. A little to simple for a logo, but just right for a serial number prefix.

    I was going more for a brand style type logo instead of a complicated picture identifier.

  16. tgirsch Says:

    Order up! Hope you like it.

  17. Gregory Markle Says:

    Transferring a home manufactured receiver is a no-no…you MUST have a Class II license to manufacture receivers for anything other than personal use. Then, even if you retain possession, I’m almost certain it is illegal to transport the finished product across state lines. I’d have to check on the last one but I seem to recall it from my look into building a few homebrew guns.

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