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Pets and bias

Xrlq has the skinny on some media bias against dogs. Well, certain dogs that are politically incorrect. He also has some good advice. Most importantly:

Never trust your dog around a child, unattended


3 Responses to “Pets and bias”

  1. Lean Left » On Doggie Genocide Says:

    […] entle breeds around. The bite (which was actually my fault) was from a yellow lab. H/T: SayUncle Comments &raquo […]

  2. CE Petro Says:

    When I got involved with parrots, the advice I was given was “never trust your unattended child around pet birds”. When you think about it, this is more appropriate. Children are active, they make fast movements, and loud noises. These are actions that often frighten animals, be it dog, cat or parrot. In its defense, an animal will become aggressive when it feels threatened, even by fast movements or loud noises.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    I concur completely. Kids can be mean to dogs and dogs will put up with a lot before losing it.

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