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Gun extremists

The evil gun lobby is filled with extremists, we’re told. But then I’ve never known a gun rights person to do this:

Gonzalez, who cut off the tip of his finger outside the state Capitol in 1994 to protest efforts by the gun lobby to scuttle tougher firearms laws, is selling the homemade guillotine and hammer used in the severance on eBay. The bidding begins at $50,000.

“When I did it, people said I was crazy,” said Gonzalez, a former Bridgeport city councilman. “I wonder what they are saying now.”

Uhm, we’re still saying that you’re crazy. You’re just crazy with a smaller finger. (Update: people keep asking for a link to the auction. OK, here it is). As of this morning, he received no bids. And there’s also this bit of hysteria:

Nawar thinks Pete could use some more muscle. And though the live mascot carries no weapons, fake or real, Debby De Angelis, director of athletics, doesn’t like the shotgun in the logo.

“I’ve been here for four years, and for four years, I’ve been saying, ‘We’ve got to at least get the gun out of Pioneer Pete’s hands,'” De Angelis said.

And there’s more. Turns out the anti-gunnies are sending threatening emails and forging the names of gun rights people.

And it gets better:

“They’re (in reference to the gun lobby) trying to see to it that more children get killed,” said D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat.

Remember this next time we pro-gunnies are called extremists.

Update: Last one for today:

The anti-gun-control side made a decent presentation, with data and charts. His opponent then strode to the front of the stage and pulled a gun, aiming it at the audience of what quickly became ducking, screaming women. Having seen a gun before, I wasn’t one of them, though it crossed my mind that if I were armed I’d be justified in defending myself against someone who was violating the law against “brandishing.”

I guess if I’d been in attendance and capped his ass, I’d still be the extremist, right? Stupid people.

Update: Welcome Ravenwood readers. Heh.

4 Responses to “Gun extremists”

  1. SayUncle : More on gun extremists Says:

    […] forth with the whackjob who cut off his trigger-finger to protest gun violence and is now selling the guillotine he did it with on ebay. The guy is obviously not too brigh […]

  2. Adam Lawson Says:

    Wow, that last moron is lucky that the “anti-gun-control side” isn’t the crazy, howling gang the “gun safety” side pretends we are. He would be dead right now if he was.

    Pull a gun and aim it at a bunch of women? You’re getting shot, pal.

  3. The Comedian Says:

    The first idiot, the CT “activist” who chopped off part of his own finger, was profiled on the local AM News talk radio this morning.

    Short fingered man can’t type, spell

    To our credit up here in CT, your next post concerns HK-91 clones being made in Farmington, CT, just a few miles from Hartford.

  4. The Comedian Says:

    I’ve been having some funning messing with this moonbat. Check out the item listing Q&A section, or see my post recounting it all.