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Jon Jay Hooker has a blog

It is here. One thing that annoys me is websites that say something to the effect of Best viewed with random browser, in 800X600, while standing naked, facing east and juggling chipmunks. I hate that crap with a passion. What is more annoying is that when you visit his blog using Internet Explorer and click a link, a pop up appears telling you to get a better browser. Don’t tell me how to surf or what to surf with. That is a major annoyance and I won’t be back until that thing is gone.

Update: Turns out the Firefox pop-up was a default setting for Mr. Hooker’s blog software. He has since addressed. Mr. Hooker’s fine blog is now proudly on my to read list. More here.

6 Responses to “Jon Jay Hooker has a blog”

  1. Chris Wage Says:

    That is indeed pretty annoying. A popup to ask someone to get a better browser? Talk about unclear on the concept.

    If only there were some sort of standards we could all learn to use so that it didn’t really matter what browser you were using.

    Oh well, a boy can dream.

  2. Ravenwood Says:

    Pretty arrogant, considering his own page doesn’t even validate.

  3. cube Says:

    I consider that information helpful hints. If the page looks weird and you are not using what they tell you to, you really cannot complain.

    It helps the developer of the website, mainly because they are lazy and do not have enough time to make a site work with every browser.

  4. John Jay Hooker Says:

    Please excuse the problemn you reported with my site. I am new to this blogging business and was unaware of the problem. I am told it has been fixed.

  5. SayUncle Says:

    Thanks for fixing that!

  6. John Jay Hooker Says:

    You are welcome. Perhaps you can update your original post so your readers will know I meant no offence.

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