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Sympathy for the devil

Apparently, I should feel sympathy for someone who is bent on taking away second amendment rights. Why else would they have this tearful piece on the plight of the poor, defenseless gun grabber:

“What ever happened to civility?” Whittenburg asked Tuesday as her group’s legislative agenda – or what’s left of it – limped toward the end of the session. “There’s a level of anger here that you don’t see with other bills. And these people, you know, are armed!”

Yes, they’re armed. And you work with a group that seeks to disarm them. You expect them to be civil with you?

Responsible gun owners, step away from your computer keyboards. Whittenburg is the first to acknowledge that the nasty e-mails and telephone messages surrounding Maine’s never-ending debate over firearms come not from mainstream hunters or target shooters or collectors. Rather, she blames them on “the bullies” who attack anything they consider a threat to their beloved Second Amendment.

She’s referencing Maine’s attempt at a ban on weapons that merely look like assault weapons. That is an attack on the second amendment. And the “gun bullies” are regular Joes concerned about their rights. The NRA is only as powerful as its members.

The rest of the piece consists of anti-gun politicos thinking that I should feel sorry for them because of the way they’re being treated for being anti-gun. Actually, that’s what it says but what it means is that pro-gun people are organized and put the pressure on. And the piece points out the few whackjobs who are threatening these politicos with physical violence. Of course, you pick the extremists to try to make a case.

Cry me a river, you dumbasses.

2 Responses to “Sympathy for the devil”

  1. Yosemite Sam Says:

    This is rich. Maine was, still somewhat is, a sporting paradise and these jerks move there from Massachusetts and New York and then start immediately to tell people who have lived there their entire lives how to do things. They move to Maine because it is pristine and the crime is low and try to turn it into a carbon copy of the hell holes they fled from. Then they are surprised when people get ANGRY because newcomers are trying to destroy a way of life that is centuries old like they already have in Vermont. In my opinion, gun owners are being quite peaceful and mild mannered about the entire situation when what these people deserve is to be tarred and feathered and run out of the state.

  2. kbarrett Says:


    Legislate a 15% sales tax in Maine on unarmed shoppers to pay for police protection of self-disarmed sheeple.

    If you don’t want to pay the tax, open carry a holstered revolver while you shop.

    Drive the Massholes nuts and hopefully out.

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