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As long as it’s control

The useless solution of limiting handgun sales to one gun per month was recommended to the PA governor:

State Rep. W. Curtis Thomas, who also participated in the news conference, said the unlimited sale of handguns in Pennsylvania feeds a voracious underground market for illegal weapons used to commit crimes.

“This is about whether or not somebody should have the ability to buy 25 guns a month who knowingly … then put those 25 guns in a stream of commerce in a way that they know is going to end up in death or permanent injury,” the Philadelphia Democrat said.

“This is about choosing life over death, choosing peace over a society where people do not feel safe,” he said.

Do they really think a gun-toting criminal gets their gun from a local gun shop?

One Response to “As long as it’s control”

  1. Heartless Libertarian Says:

    I believe that elsewhere in the article it states that Rendell ran on this idea back in 2002, but that he hasn’t pushed it because he knows it’s a non-starter in the legislature.

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