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Naifeh Update

Rep. Campfield blogged about Speaker Naifeh subverting the rules of the House to get what he wanted. Now, the Rep notes that Naifeh blinked and blogs played a part:

Steve Gill and Bill Hobbs are really on their game. They have really put heat on Speaker Naifeh for his actions yesterday. The House was abuzz with the news of the NRA hustle that went down yesterday.

Many blogs like Nashville Files are reporting on the situation (and probably many more that I haven’t had time to see). Bloggers have really drawn attention to the incident by sending e-mails, posting comments, and calling legislators.

He also notes Naifeh getting caught with his pants down and being forced to abide by the law. Good.

Bill Hobbs has more

Blake has an updated video of the incident.

Update: Bill Hobbs notes that some local papers, The Sentinel and The Nashville City Paper, are covering the incident. He also notes that neither paper did a very good job. I concur. Neither paper focused on Naifeh subverting the rules of the house.

Update 2: Bill Hobbs is all over this. Just scroll away.

Update 3 (and bump): WATE reports on it as well and gets it wrong.

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