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Cheating the system

Stacey Campfield, addressing the concealed carry in bars issue, notes some foul play by Naifeh:

Today a bill slipped through that Naifeh didn’t want out of committee. Some legislators did not show up for the vote and a pro-NRA bill (conceal carry) slipped through the sub-committee system.

Speaker Naifeh flipped out! His people did not want to have to vote on this bill. Some might risk losing their perfect NRA voting record (0 for 0).

Speaker Naifeh went to the chairman of the committee to let him know that if he did not ask to move the bill back to the sub-committee where it had passed, it would NOT BE GOOD!

The chairman agreed to make the motion, but not vote for it. These votes are made on the house floor and require a majority of 66 votes to move it back to the subcommittee. The dilemma? How to ram this vote through the legislature without having the legislators on record as a “yes” vote. Answer: Speaker Naifeh held a voice vote.

This is why politicos should have blogs. Kudos to the Rep for exposing this sort of foul play and corruption.

Blake has more as does Bill, who notes:

He (Naifeh) violated House rules in order to kill popular legislation he personally opposed. Some people think Naifeh is the epitome of corrupt good-ol-boy lobbyist-larded politics. I don’t know about that. But I do know that what he did yesterday was pure political corruption of the most dangerous kind.

Update: Commentors to the Rep’s site post a link to the video (it’s at the 21 minute mark). I haven’t watched it yet.

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  2. Blake Says:

    I just uploaded the audio exchange if you want to head over and listen.

  3. robert Says:

    If Unintended Consequences is made into a moveie, who is going to play this guy?