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The last gun shop in Minneapolis


Dave reports that the outlook isn’t good. Koscielski’s reports that even gun groups aren’t getting involved in helping them. Their deadline has been extended to May. Try calling the NRA or other pro-gun groups to see if they’ll get involved.

2 Responses to “The last gun shop in Minneapolis”

  1. robert Says:

    Buy a damn mug or ten, you cheap bastards.

    Remember fishorman.

  2. robert Says:

    The situation in Minneapolis is what the Democratic party, (and some in the Republican party), have in mind for all of us. Oakland, you recall, lost their last gun shop a couple of years ago.

    The long gun folks don’t think it affects them, the shotgunners think they aren’t involved, the police can buy elsewhere, and the handgunners have been marginalized. The NRA, NSSF, and SAF won’t get involved because its a “private” business.

    Welcome to the future. We are all to be hung separately.

    Every day we get the choice between slavery and rebellion, and so far, everyone PRETTY DAMN OK with slavery.

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